High Rise

In Atlanta, the amount of attinuated buildings increases by the minute.  In Midtown Atlanta, the attempt at creating something remenisant of New York’s 5th Ave is known as the Peachtree Mile. The Peachtree Mile is an attempt at creating a strand of stores, retail, businesses, restuarants, that allow a pedestrian to have a lively experience.

Right in the middle of this mile, is where we were to build an attinuated building of our own.  This became a great area to situate it due to it’s orientation to the mile, to Piedmont Park and to the High Museum.  The project was to deal with the issues of these areas, including a variety of demographics to satisfy.

The ideas of sustainability as a means of new inovative systems started to become important in this project.  Allowing different systems that are conventionally used, to actually be re-considered. The outer skin became an intergral part of a water catching system and a Richard Rogers esque style of systematic representation.  The vents and systematic elements became emphasized as a means of reality. And the added program on top of the retail acted as a method of making all these systems aware.  In this program is where all of these systems are actually exposed as a means of showing production, and how the systems work.